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drink like a local :: the barley tap and tavern

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Many of our guests describe walking into the Mariposa as “returning home.”  

They detail our lodge as “warm and inviting” where “you are made to feel like family.” We would be remiss to include our very favorite “this is truly our home away from home.”

Safe to say that is exactly how we feel about The Barley, too.

Walking into The Barley, you are instantly greeted with a boisterous warm welcome where, lucky for you, the staff never forget a face. If you were there the night before, the week before, or the year before, they promptly exclaim “Welcome back!” and you find yourself picking up exactly where you left off.

Visiting the Barley is like playing the most delicious game of beer roulette as their 31 beer taps and 8 wine taps [ oh yeah, you read that right; they’ve got red wine, white wine, rose and champagne all on tap ] could change daily. Your favorite beer should be enjoyed [ safely ] at length during your stay as the next day it could be gone. The Barley takes great care to occupy 27 of their 31 taps with local Colorado beer while the remaining rotating 4 tourist taps have been known to come in from California, Michigan, Oregon, Minnesota or more notably and most impressively; Germany.

While there, keep your eyes peeled on the bartenders and watch in awe as they whip up a notorious jam cocktail [ using locally made jam, of course ], a hugely popular house made Lavender Field’s mixed drink, or our personal favorite; a barrel aged cocktail using Denver’s celebrated LAWS Whiskey. These mentioned drinks are just the tip of the iceberg of what tantalizing cocktails The Barley's mixologists can create.

You may be thinking; “Ok ok, we get it! They know their beer! What about some food to take in all these drinks?” Of course they’ve got you covered. While The Barley always encourages + welcomes you to bring in your favorite pizza, gyros or sandwich, they have a complete snack menu for you to enjoy as well. There isn't much that a Colorado craft beer and soft pretzel w/house-made beer mustard can't cure.

Take our word for that.

Whether you use The Barley as a venue to gather pre/post adventure [ or both! ], if you need a barstool and friendly face to help take the edge off after a long day or are looking to inevitably run into your favorite locals, The Barley has it all.

As if you need one final incentive to visit our friends at 635 Lincoln Ave, we have a coupon for a BOGO pint from The Barley in all our rooms at the Mariposa Lodge because they think you are neat, and we do too.

See you there!


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