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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

We relish in any opportunity to brag a little [ or a lot! ] about our property + business. There are many questions that come with owning a bed and breakfast, so we'll do our best to answer any questions you might have regarding ownership and our lodge! We will update this post often, so check back for updates!


Do you own the b+b? We do! Beth and Hunter bought the bed and breakfast from Hunter's family in 2018. Though Beth managed the Mariposa for Bob, Hunter's dad, for 3.5 years, the two of them have been the proud owners since March 2018!

Do you live on site? We do!...'ish. We share a driveway with the Mariposa and live in the home that sits directly behind the lodge.

How long has the Mariposa been around? The Mariposa was built around 1990 and has had only 3 owners. Paul was the original owner and builder of the b+b. Bob and Cindy then bought it from Paul around 2007. Beth and Hunter bought it from Bob in 2018!

Are you [ Beth ] from Steamboat? I'm not! I grew up in North Dakota but have been in Colorado for 14 years and Steamboat for 8! Hunter was born and raised in Steamboat which is how we ended up here in 2013.

We love the beams running throughout the house. Are they weight bearing? Thank you! We love them, too. The beams are original to the house and they are weight bearing.

Who built this table?! Paul, the original owner and builder of the lodge also built the table. It's a beautiful heavy beast and completes our kitchen.

Do you [ Beth ] ski/mountain bike? I do! Growing up in North Dakota made it difficult to find a mountain to ski/bike up, but fortunately Hunter has been doing all of these activities as long as he's been walking and is a pretty great teacher!

Do you [ Beth ] enjoy skiing/mountain biking? [ This one always gives me a chuckle! ] Not at first, but I can safely say now that I do love skiing and mountain biking! It was a big learning curve but I now love [ almost } all outdoor sports!

Do you [ Beth ] like summer or winter better? This one is definitely hard to answer! Winter is full of alpine/cross county skiing [ followed by killer apres skiing, of course ], snowshoeing, fat biking, and cuddling up next to our cushy fire with one of our many homemade quilts + a good book. But! Summer in Steamboat is in a completely different league of it's own. We have hiking trails for days, enough river activities to please everyone and endless restaurants to take in an outdoor happy hour and really soak up the amazing weather + views. Sorry, winter. No hard feelings but summer wins this one!

Where did your staff go to culinary school? All of the chefs at the Mariposa Lodge are self taught! We all have our individual stories of how we ended up in the Mariposa Lodge kitchen cooking you [ locally sourced ] bacon and love to talk about it! Be sure to ask us at your next stay.

Do you have a set menu? We do not! We have our crowd favorites that we keep in high rotation but depending on the size of the group we are hosting and if we have any food allergies we switch it up each morning!

Where do you get your recipes from? Oh, so many places! We use a good amount of family recipes and also pull inspiration from our favorite restaurants and some online. We test each recipe several times to make sure it fits in our morning timeline and most importantly, that you like it!

Who is the worst guest you have ever had? We try our hardest not to dwell on guests who weren't a good fit for the Mariposa! The friendships, connections made and amazing stories shared far outweigh any bad!

What else do you do for work? For Beth, this is a full time job. Hunter is a flight nurse and also works in the emergency room here in Steamboat. Our part time help squeezes in shifts at the Mariposa between their full time jobs, so please ask them over a cup of coffee!


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