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We are thrilled to offer a variety of grazing platters for your snacking needs!  We know that sometimes traffic, child care, long meetings (that could have been an email), in-laws, weather and oh so much more can rudely interrupt your plans and put a damper on your noshing needs.  Let us take the edge off and move you from hangry to vacation mode activated.  Exact items will vary as we work around what is in season and available, but not to worry - it’ll all be delicious.  Have a peek below and add your desired platter size to your reservation at check-out or give us a call and we can add it to your reservation for you! 

And yes, we are able work around your food allergies


Think…”...Work was a demanding beast this week.  We are kid free for 48 hours and I do not want to interact with another person for the first 12 of those hours.  Feed me and tell me I’m pretty, please and thank you.”


Enter our Feast Mode snacking platter.  You can expect 3-4 blocks of cheese, 1-2 dips, a variety of thinly sliced meats, veggies (some pickled, some not) + fruit (some dried, some not), crackers and nuts!

graze craze GRAZING PLATTER // $60

Think…”...We forgot to eat before we left home.  Hit unexpected traffic.  Don’t talk to me.  I’m hangry but really don’t want to be too cranky and spoil our first night of vacation!  Give me some snacks to graze on so we can rally for a late night happy hour downtown.”


Our Graze Craze platter has you covered!  Expect to see 2-3 blocks of cheese, a tasty dip and the perfect amount of fruit + veg + crackers to turn that frown upside down.

nosh + nibble GRAZING PLATTER // $30

Think… ”, that was a long drive.  We are ravenous but don’t want to ruin our appetite before our dinner reservations tonight!  We just need a little nibble to feel human again.” 


Time to Nosh and Nibble, my friend.  You can expect a block of cheese + a great dip and enough fixings to make both disappear with ease.

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